Egyptian workers support Sisi to complete the construction of the new republic



Egyptian workers support Sisi

Report prepared by: Political Editor

The Egyptians considered Abdel Fattah El-Sisi a savior for Egypt since he became Minister of Defense during the era of Mohamed Morsi, who was deposed in the June 30 revolution, and they appealed to him to run for president of the state to save it fromTerrorism Indeed, he answered the call, assumed responsibility, fought terrorism, eliminated it, and began building the new republic with projects that the country had never seen before.

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi brought about an unprecedented renaissance in Egypt in all fields and developed the capabilities of the armyAnd he created The infrastructure of a modern state includes cities and roadsAnd the moon And develop Industry And reformed Large areas to increase the area of ​​agricultural land, thus increasing development rates and saving Jobs chances.

Today, as we prepare for the presidential elections, it is time to return the favor to the savior leaderWith an announcement The people, led by 25 million workers, supported President Sisi for a new presidential term in supportFor his project The national initiative aims to build a great homeland and a new republic that takes care of the interests of the citizen and builds a prosperous future for future generations under difficult global circumstances.

Egypt's workers are defying the difficult economic conditions that resulted from the Corona epidemic, the Russian-Ukrainian war, and the global conspiracies being planned against Egypt by some Western countries, and unfortunately some Arab brothers are helping them in order to make Sisi's project a success in building a modern, strong, prosperous Egypt to truly be the mother of the world.

In this regard, Engineer Mohamed Gibran, President of the General Federation of Egyptian Trade Unions, said in his interview with journalist Osama Okbi during the celebration of the glorious victory of October 1973, at the Federation’s headquarters, two messages. The first is that the Labor Union is a major participant in all national and national events and positions, and that the educational symposium, Egypt's workers played a wonderful role in the war of attrition by quickly building the missile wall, as did NasrOctober Glorious.

Gibran added, saying that as for the second message, it relates to the battle of awareness, stressing that workers, especially the youth, must be made aware of the fourth generation wars, which have evolved from swords, missiles, and nuclear weapons, to a media war through satellite channels and social media, so Young workers must be made aware of these wars and their danger to the stability of the nations.

At the end of his speech, Gebran, head of the Egyptian Workers Union, affirmed his support for President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi in completing the construction process and development, and regardingDecisions Presidential Council regarding wages and allowances. We value these decisions and stress their importance in facing the burdens of life and improving the conditions of citizens. However, we hope for more in the coming period.

Engineer Eid Mersal, Secretary General of the Egyptian Workers Union, expressed in his interview with the journalist Yasser Hammad his happiness that the Union organized a celebration on the occasion of the golden jubilee of Nasr.October Glorious 73 included an educational symposium to educate workers about the dangers of fourth generation wars and their impact on stability.HomelandsAnd state institutions.

Mersal added, “We support President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s candidacy for a new presidential term.”To complete The process of givingAnd achievements.

The Secretary General of the Egyptian Trade Union continued, “We value the special presidential decisions.”with wagesWe hope for more of them in the coming period, to cope with the burdens of life.

It is worth noting that the Egyptian Trade Union is a democratic organization with a hierarchical structure. Its base consists of trade union committees and its apex is the general union. Its levels are: trade union committees for workers in establishments, then general trade unions at the national level for industry or economic activity. The General Federation of Trade Unions comes at the summit that Brings together general unions.

The General Federation leads the Egyptian trade union movement, formulates its general policies that achieve its goals internally and externally, defends the rights of Egyptian workers, takes care of their common interests, and raises their economic, social and cultural level. It participates in discussing general economic and social development plans and draft laws, regulations and decisions related to organizing labor and workers’ affairs.