The Al Sharqiya Arabian Horse Festival begins tomorrow at the Equestrian Land


Arabian Horse Festival


The 27th Sharqiya Arabian Horse Festival begins tomorrow at the Equestrian Land

Report prepared by Abdul Rahman Habib:

The 27th Sharqia Arabian Horse Festival, which is organized by Sharkia Governorate, Arab Republic of Egypt and is considered one of its prominent tourist attractions, begins tomorrow. Members of equestrian clubs, owners of horse farms, fans of purebred Arabian horses, and the Police Sports Federation participate in the festival. It also receives international attention due to the strength and beauty of purebred Egyptian and Arabian horses. Participation in it comes from several Arab and foreign countries (the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Kuwait - Morocco - Qatar - Germany).

Dr. Mamdouh Ghorab, Governor of Sharqia, confirmed that the governorate and all its executive bodies are in a state of alert and preparedness to launch the Purebred Arabian Horse Festival in its 27th session of the year 2023 AD, indicating that this festival is considered one of the prominent tourist attractions that the governorate is keen to organize year after year and to which amateurs are invited. Fans of purebred Arabian horses, and farm owners from inside and outside Egypt are keen to participate.

For his part, Dr. Ahmed Abdel Moati, Deputy Governor of the Eastern Province and General Supervisor of the Festival, explained that the opening ceremony of the 27th session of the Eastern Purebred Arabian Horse Festival will carry many surprises and artistic, sports and exhibition segments, indicating that the festival, in its three days, will witness competitions in literature and the beauty of purebred Arabian horses. Participation from inside and outside Egypt.

The Deputy Governor added that an invitation had been sent to a number of ministers, governors, representatives of Parliament, artists, public figures, media professionals, journalists, those interested in horse sports internationally and in the Arab world, and Eastern families in the governorate. He said that the festival grounds had been prepared with green grass in preparation for launching the literature and beauty competitions, and the main platform and tents for receiving guests, attendees and owners were being prepared. Participating farms and journalists in an honorable manner that befits the authenticity and heritage of the festival.

The Governor of Al-Sharqiya inspected the equestrian land in the city of Belbeis on the “Cairo - Belbeis” desert road, which is designated to host the Al-Sharqiya Festival for Purebred Arabian Horses in its 27th session, whose activities are scheduled to begin over the 27th, 28th and 29th of September with the participation of members of equestrian clubs, owners of horse farms and lovers of purebred Arabian horses. As a distinguished sporting event that has been unique to the governorate for many years, it has revitalized the desert sports tourism industry in Sharqia.

The governor was assured of the completion of all arrangements related to the opening ceremony of the festival and the work of preparing the land with artificial grass to prepare it for the horses participating in the racetrack and the festival activities so that it would emerge in an honorable manner, stressing the necessity of good organization and receiving guests from farm owners and fans of purebred Arabian horses, and the governor’s keenness to watch the final rehearsals for the shows. To ensure that the opening ceremony of the festival appears appropriately to match the nobility and authenticity of the governorate.

The Governor of Al-Sharqia invited the Eastern families to attend the festival, where bags were prepared for (educators - media professionals and journalists - school and university students - Eastern families). The main platform was also prepared to receive the festival’s guests, including ministers, governors, security leaders, ambassadors, members of the House of Representatives and the Senate, sheikhs of Arab tribes, public figures, and artists. To enjoy the festival.

The festival's highlights include (a parade of Ramesses II's procession - a show of Arab tribal knights - a show by the Al-Sharqiya Folklore Band - a modern dance for horses - a snake dance - and a closing show based on the festival's song), in addition to two displays of horse literature and beauty, two polo matches, and pick-up of pegs for the Police Sports Federation.

For his part, Dr. Ahmed Abdel Moati, Deputy Governor of Sharqia and General Supervisor of the Festival, confirmed that the design of the logo and slogan of the festival has been completed, noting that preparations are still continuing to receive the guests and work to care for and secure them throughout the duration of the festival. Two cleaning and security companies have been contracted in order for the festival to emerge in an honorable appearance. usual annually.

As for the horses, the necessary measures were taken to provide them with safe veterinary accommodation inside the hosting boxes, in addition to spraying and disinfecting the places where the horses are housed, in order to preserve the general health of the Arabian horses participating in the festival and to prevent the spread of any infection. It was also ensured that ambulances, police and civil protection vehicles were staffed in order to secure the festival.